Event Location: Osana Cremorne Osana Woollahra
Event Date: Mondays 10.00AM + 2.00PM (C) Tuesdays 8:00AM + 1:00PM (W)

Transpersonal Art Therapy is a counselling technique using creative processes as a medium to help guide a person through emotional, physical and psychological issues.

How does it work?
The simple yet powerful processes help access information that exists beyond the personality, the conscious mind, and opens one to the deeper levels of the psyche, the unconscious, allowing solutions to arise that previously were inaccessible without guidance.

Why Join An Art Therapy Workshop?
Learn new techniques to navigate your life, reveal new insights, sensitise to your body wisdom, intuition and inner power. Let creative expression of movement, meditation, visualisation, art, creative writing, journaling, voice, ritual and music empower the individual and open the Self to inner awareness.

Benefits of Art Therapy?
Art Therapy offers useful tools to help individual’s overcome challenges within their lives as they transition from one state of being to another. This is not about art or creativity, it is about SELF EXPRESSION. No artistic skill is required or needed.


Art supplies will be provided

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