Event Location: Osana Cremorne, Osana Woollahra
Event Date: Wednesdays 5:00PM + Fridays 8:30AM (C) Mondays 12:30PM (W)

Did you know your fitness is the most important modifiable factor in living a long and comfortable life? What this means is that ensuring you’re as fit as possible will make living an easier and more enjoyable thing to do!

Well, exercising your heart like is like exercising any other muscle progressively making it work harder and harder, so that it gets stronger and stronger. In practice, this looks like raising your heart rate, and huffing and puffing a little (and a little more every day). Our aerobic exercise class has been developed with this in mind, to challenge you but still be manageable, and if you stick at it – you can’t help but be fitter!

Come and find out how much fun it can be today!

Fees: FREE for members
$15 for non-members

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