GP: Dr Andrew Robertson
Health Assistant: Mariella Marman
0498 010 652

GP: Dr Robert Matthews
Health Assistant: Helen Rew
0437 260 021

GP: Dr Christine O’Chee
Health Assistant: Lydia Joukhadar
13 93 55




GP: Dr Stephanie Teoh
Health Assistant: Katrina Sangha
0498 007 168

GP: Dr David Cosgriff
Health Assistant: Katrina Sangha
0438 017 316

GP: Dr Justine Morris
Health Assistant: Kaitlin Woulfe
0498 007 168



GP: Dr Caroline Rogers
Health Assistant: Nicole Robinson
0429 638 739

GP: Dr Libby De Lautour
Health Assistant: Naomi Woods
0408 946 250

GP: Dr Maree Doherty
Health Assistant: Naomi Woods
0408 946 250

GP: Dr Mindy Da
Health Assistant: Ella Cope
0466 043 224

In-person Appointments

In light of the COVID pandemic, we have a number of restrictions in place in our clinics to keep you, our members, and our team safe.

If you are attending an in-person consultation we ask that you wear a face mask for the duration of your time in the clinic (unless you are medically exempt from doing so), check-in on arrival on the Service NSW app, and adhere to our COVID screening. If you do not have a face mask, we are able to provide you with a reusable face mask for $5.

If you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, headache, loss of smell, muscle/joint aches, gastrointestinal symptoms) or if you have been in a NSW or interstate COVID exposure site, please contact your Health Assistant prior to your appointment. You can find the list of NSW exposure sites here to check before your appointment. We request if this applies, to book a telehealth appointment before attending for an in-person consultation. If you require a physical examination in person, your doctor will arrange this with you over the phone.

There is a limit to the number of people allowed into the clinic at one time. Please do not bring other people, including children, with you to their appointment where possible. In the case of appointments for children or where a carer is required, we ask that only one parent or carer accompanies them to their appointments. 

I’m fully vaccinated against COVID-19, does this still apply to me?
Yes, unfortunately, no vaccine is 100% effective. To protect our vulnerable members the respiratory policy applies to all visitors to the clinics.

Telehealth Appointments

For short consultations, we are able to offer telehealth appointments over the phone, for longer consultations your telehealth consultation will be scheduled as a video consultation. You can access your video consultation by clicking on this link at the time of the consultation:

For further details on your telehealth appointment, please read here

Cancellation Policy

Please note that cancellation of appointments within 24 hours may incur a $50 fee. We aim to support as many members as we can, but have finite resources; thank you for understanding and valuing the time we dedicate to keep you healthy.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, if you are experiencing respiratory symptoms or have been in an exposure site, we are able to move your appointment to telehealth rather than canceling so that you can continue to receive the care that you need.
As always, please feel free to get in touch with your team above if you have any queries.