How does Osana work?

Members join Osana for ongoing proactive healthcare – this involves a dedicated team that looks after you when you are well, not just when you’re sick.

We only provide evidence-based interventions, backed by science and research, and focus on preventative care to keep you healthy and happy.

We achieve outstanding clinical results by partnering with members to define and achieve health goals, with support by a dedicated GP and Health Assistant along the way.

We have proven that our model works – we have reduced hospital admissions by 50% and improved health outcomes by 30%, for over 6,000 members to date.

How much does it cost?

$38 per month for individuals & $55 per month for families. If you have a concession card, then it is $19 per month for individuals & $38 per month for families

Is there a minimum contract length or agreement?

To achieve the best health outcome, this requires investment in time (and effort) – we suggest a 2 year journey with us at a minimum however you are free to cancel your membership at any time

Who is eligible for Osana?

We look after people of all ages, from newborns to nursing home residents. We believe everyone should access better healthcare.

Who could benefit from Osana?

We particularly cater for anyone with physical or mental health risks, illnesses and chronic conditions. But everyone would benefit from our preventative approach.

What’s included in my membership?

Access to your GP, a personal Health Assistant (reach them via mobile phone or email during weekdays), online classes and programs that promote healthy daily habits, an annual health plan with input from dietitian, exercise physio, health coach and psychologist, and data tracking to measure and reward your progress towards better health.

How does being a member work?

Once you join, you meet your Osana team, consisting of a GP, a Health Assistant and a range of clinicians such as a dietitian, exercise physio, health coach and psychologist.

You document your health goals and your team tailor a health plan to achieve these goals. You have regular catch ups with your team to keep you on track, and you engage with a community of members to improve your health and wellness.

How are you different from a regular GP?

We’re very different. Our GPs are salaried and are driven by health outcomes (usual GPs are commission-based without a focus on improving health).

Our GPs provide long appointments and see you regularly (usual GPs have shorter consults and only see patients when they are sick).

Our GPs are each supported by a Health Assistant and have access to a team to help you achieve your health goals (usual GPs work by themselves).

Our GPs use new technologies to drive quality improvements and ensure that we keep members as healthy as possible (usual GPs don’t normally measure their outcomes nor invest in new cloud-based technologies and Apps).

Does an Osana membership save me money?

Absolutely – prevention is better than cure so we advocate for more healthcare now, to save you healthcare later.

You save money now because Osana is a social enterprise and we provide our service below cost – if you were to pay for online classes, a private GP and access to allied health clinicians such as a physio, you would be paying thousands of dollars per annum

You save money later because we can keep you healthy, happy and out of hospital. For example, we can help you better manage diabetes – this will avoid complications that can cost you three times the amount of healthcare expenses. We can also reduce your hospital admission risk by 50%, reducing unnecessary and expensive hospital bills in the future.

What type of access to my doctor do I receive?

You have the dedicated attention of our quality-focused GPs – all our GPs focus on clinical improvement, research and teaching, and provide long appointments to get to the bottom of your issues and concerns.

You access your GP proactively to address risk factors and to keep you healthy; if and when you do get sick, you can always book in to see your GP (including same day appointments for urgent issues). Osana GPs provide in clinic or telehealth consultations.

You can call your Health Assistant to ask questions, lodge requests and gain support. Your Health Assistant works with your dedicated GP to look after you proactively.

What professionals do you offer?

We have specialist GPs, clinical psychologists, nurses, dietitians, exercise physios and coaches, health coaches and Health Assistants.

We also have visiting providers that work with us at Osana and on site, including psychologists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, relaxation therapists, behavioural therapists, art therapists, yoga & pilates instructors, meditation and mindfulness instructors.

How can I pay for my Osana membership?

By credit card, in annual, quarterly or monthly instalments

Can my membership be reimbursed with my health insurance?

Not currently, but we are working with health insurers to have Osana membership covered in the future – watch this space!

What if I need to go to the hospital?

We work closely with hospitals to ensure any transitions in healthcare between the home, the community, and the hospital is smooth for our members.

We are not an urgent or after hours service, therefore emergencies go straight to hospital and we work with Sydney Medical Services (1300 HOME GP) to provide support after business operating hours.

How do you work with pre and postnatal care?

We integrate with antenatal and postnatal care providers – many of our GPs provide “shared care”

What do you do specifically for women’s health?

We have a particular interest in women’s health – many of our GPs have taken additional training to be experts in this area and are represented in many committees and representative bodies, such as the Menopause Society of Australia.

What vaccines are included?

Vaccinations are not included unless they are Government funded (many are – please chat to our friendly nurses).

Can you help quit smoking?

Yes we have helped many members quit smoking – we spend time on the pharmaceutical options, understanding motivations and roadblocks, involve our clinical psychologists and health coach, and also use Apps to achieve success in many cases.

What tests do you offer?

All our screening tests are based on our annual health assessment and plan – these include evidence-based activities such as blood tests, Xrays, cervical and breast cancer screening, urine & stool testing, heart health checks, cognition & memory tests, nutrition, arthritis & mental health surveys, and overall activation measures.

Can you help manage HIV?

Yes – we specialise in managing chronic health conditions and are better resourced than other medical services.

Can you help manage chronic pain?

Yes – we specialise in managing complex health conditions and chronic pain has a combination of physical, psychological and social contributing factors.

We achieve positive results in chronic pain utilising regular review by our specialist GPs, ongoing support by a dedicated Health Assistant, case discussion with pain specialists from local hospitals, input from exercise physios, dietitian and psychology, and providing online classes, programs and resources.

Can you help me lose weight?

Yes – we focus on weight loss with many of our members and have achieved outstanding results, including a profile in the Manly Daily.

We work together as a team of professionals to cover the medical, nutritional, activity, psychological and motivational aspects of weight loss to ensure success.

What happens if I need a specialist referral?

Your GP provides you with a referral, like normal. However your Health Assistant can organise this if it is a recurring specialist service.

How does it work with imaging? (e.g. Xrays, MRI scans)

Your GP provides you with a referral form, like normal. Your Health Assistant can help organise the appointment or guide you to a provider that is convenient.

How do I speak directly with the medical team?

Please call 139355 and ask to speak to one of our caring GPs, or book in to meet them for a first consultation (no obligation). Once you join as a member, you will be provided direct access to your Health Assistant’s mobile and email.

I’m located outside of NSW, can I still join Osana?

At the moment we’re limited to servicing Sydneysiders. If you live in Sydney but are moving to outside of Sydney, we may be able to offer you membership, based on predominantly telehealth and online services.

Who do I speak to to join?

Please call 139355 or email your nearest Osana clinic at, or You will be greeted by our friendly Member Services team.

Where are you located and will more clinics open soon?

We’re in the lower north shore of Sydney (Cremorne), Eastern suburbs (Woollahra) and northern beaches (Narrabeen). We’re working hard to deliver a successful model of future healthcare for the Government and will be looking to open more clinics by 2022.

Am I the right person to join Osana? Who has joined? (Demographics)

We look after all ages and family members. There has never been a more critical time to invest in your physical and mental health, so everyone is invited to join Osana.

A majority of our members have chronic health conditions and we specialise in preventing these illnesses from progressing and impacting day to day quality of life.

How do you work with Medicare?

We provide GP and allied health services that are normally reimbursed with Medicare. This includes in person, telehealth and in home consultations.

Osana’s innovative model of care also delivers additional services that are covered by your membership fees.

Can I use my health funds to pay for Osana?

Not currently.

When will I be billed for my membership?

Depending on instalments, which can be annual, quarterly or monthly. Invoices are sent via email when credit cards are billed (through a secure payment gateway – we don’t store your credit card details)

How do you work with insurance?

Health insurance, depending on your coverage, can cover some allied health & GP services. However, if you have Medicare, most Osana services incur no additional out-of-pocket costs.

Is there a referral discount if I recommend Osana to friends and family?

No, but we provide you a referral gift for allowing us to help more people in your circle!

I want to cancel my membership. Can I receive a refund?

You may cancel your membership at any time; if you have experienced a service break that we can’t remedy, we would happily refund your membership and ensure you are adequately cared for, even if it is not with Osana.

Is Osana a health insurance plan?

No, we are a medical service focused on preventative care.

How long after I sign up will I get started?

If you sign up via website, expect a call or email within 48 hours. Our onboarding phase is the first 6 weeks, where you meet your care team, have a health assessment and receive a tailored health plan with input from our team of professionals.

How do I schedule a follow up appointment?

You will be provided the mobile phone and email of your dedicated Health Assistant – many forward appointments may be booked to ensure we quarantine adequate time to care for you during the year.

How does billing work?

All general services are free once you join membership. Medicare consultations with your GP are bulk-billed. If you do require specialised services, such as a specialist or a procedure or an expert, there may be an additional fee.

Billings are processed through our membership platform and invoices are sent via email.

What will my first experience be like; what will I do on my first day?

You will be welcomed to our clinics, introduced to your care team and spend up to an hour with your dedicated GP.

You will receive a membership welcome kit, including our calendar of activities & events, and copies of your survey results.

You’ll also be granted access to our membership platform to access articles, videos, classes, programs and workshops to keep you healthy.

Which doctor will I get to see?

You will be provided options at each clinic based on availability – it is important you can connect with the GP caring for you.

What kind of resources will I have access to?

Regular dedicated GP & Health Assistant, annual diet, exercise and mental health check in, plus the support of health coaches, nurses and specialised clinicians.

You can access your team in person or virtually, and if you have mobility constraints, we provide home visits.

You can access a range of online resources including live daily classes (exercise, yoga, nutrition, meditation, tai chi & relaxation therapy), videos and articles on a wide range of medical and wellness topics, and pre-recorded & interactive programs (ageing well, parenting, weight loss, stress management & brain health).

Where are you located and what location can I go to?

Cremorne, Woollahra & Narrabeen. We also provide satellite clinics in Manly and Kirribilli, and service nursing homes in Vaucluse, Bronte, Willoughby and Mosman.

Do you offer corporate rates?

Yes, please send us a query to and let us know what services you require. We transform workplaces to deal with Covid and ensure employees are both physically and mentally healthy.

I have a business opportunity I’d like to propose, who is best to speak to?

Great – please email us on and our Founder will give you a call.

I want to work for Osana, how do I apply?

Absolutely – please email us on and our Operations team will give you a call.

Does every member have ongoing support from a health coach?

Osana provides ongoing support through a dedicated GP and Health Assistant. Input from a Health Coach, as well as dietitians, exercise physios and psychologists, is provided when a health plan is formulated each year.

How do I communicate with my team?

You have direct access to your Health Assistant’s mobile and email for requests, questions and results. Your Health Assistant liaises with your GP each day and either will get back to you promptly.

Where can I find the qualifications of my team?

On our website

What will group interaction be like?

Online Zoom classes or workshops, and post-Covid, as in-clinic group sessions. We often provide talks, conduct shared appointments and host community groups so there is shared learning and support for healthier living.

For example we host mum’s group and provide parenting talks over morning tea, or run diabetes sessions to discuss ways we can better manage this condition without medications.

What personal information will be shared with my team?

Your demographic, survey data and clinical history is shared with your Osana team. Outside of Osana, information is only shared with your consent e.g. when referring to a specialist.

What privacy measures are in place?

We only use secure, encrypted systems to store data, and all Osana staff are bound by strict agreements to keep all member information confidential and ensure privacy is upheld at all times.