Event Location: Osana Cremorne + Osana Woollahra + Osana Narrabeen
Event Date: Tuesdays 10:30AM, Thursdays 4:00PM (C) Thursdays 3:00PM (W) Tuesdays 4:00PM (N)

Falls, and the injuries they cause, can dramatically impact your health for the worse. A key factor in falls is your balance and unfortunately, we lose our ability to balance and recover quickly as we age. Poor balance can increase the risk of falls, and reduce mobility & quality of life, as we fear falling and the risk of injuries.

Our balance exercise class has been designed to progressively improve your balance in a safe environment. We focus on all aspects of your balance to ensure your balance, confidence and quality of life are improved.
Just keep in mind it’s never too late to start, so why not start now!

Fees: FREE for members
$15 for non-members

Light refreshments offered

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