Low back pain (LBP) is a major cause of disability and absence from work – up to 40% of sufferers still have it a year later and, of those, 60% will still not have recovered a year after that. There is emerging evidence pilates amongst other therapies can help.

Pilates exercises aim to improve muscle strength, joint movement and balance of the whole body, with a focus on core and spinal alignment (without necessarily increasing muscle bulk). It can start at a very low level for beginners, for example, just concentrating on your breathing whilst holding a static position, and evolve to a much higher level of exercise which requires repeated maximum muscle contraction combined with balance work.

A review of randomised control studies in LBP showed that pilates is more effective than minimal intervention for improving pain, disability and function in the short-term (4 weeks) and for improving pain and disability over a longer-term (6 months). However other exercises were found to be effective as well, thus pilates is a worthy consideration if you or a family member suffer Low back pain.

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