Event Location: Osana Narrabeen + Osana Cremorne
Event Date: Wednesdays @ Narrabeen 2:00PM, 4:15PM + 5:15PM Mondays @ Cremorne 2:00PM + 4:15PM

Dr Judy Lovas conducts evidence-based Relaxation Therapy classes for pain, anxiety, trauma, depression, sleep disorders or stress-related and chronic health conditions.

Stress can be acute, short term or chronic. Humans are extremely well designed to deal with acute stress. However, we are ill equipped to cope with relentless stress that lasts over 3 months. Unfortunately, most stressors today are ongoing and chronic. Mortgages, jobs, social isolation and disease are not acute problems like a broken bone or a life-threatening danger.

Chronic stress is associated with infection, inflammation, coronary heart disease, autoimmunity, neuro-degenerative diseases, depression, dementia and impaired memory and learning. In other words, stress compromises our physical and psychological health.

Relaxation therapies such as deep diaphragmatic breathing and guided imagery can reduce the negative effects of stress. Relaxation therapies are evidence-based, cost-effective, non-invasive and non-pharmacological. Using simple skills such as regularly taking a few, slow deep breaths each day can effectively reduce anxiety, depression, pain, sleep disorders, trauma and chronic conditions.

Fees: Free for Osana members, or non-members $20 per class, $70 for 4 classes, $100 for 6 classes

Instructor: Dr Judy Lovas

Bookings Essential
1. For members: Osana phone 139355
2. For non- Members: artandscienceofrelaxation.com/relaxation