We’re highlight men’s health during Movember – here’s a fact sheet on testicular cancer.

Some stats – it’s the second most common cancer in young men, with around 900 cases diagnosed in Australia each year. The lifetime risk by age 85 is 1 in 189. The survival rate is reasonably good – 98% at 5 years post diagnosis.

Risk factors – previous testicular cancer, family history of the same, infertility, undescended testes at birth, and HIV infection. The focus is on early detection by feeling for any lumps or swellings or painful areas, followed by medical review, ultrasound or MRI scan, blood tests, and sometimes a biopsy (or just excision if the suspicion is high).

Treatment – surgery and/or chemo and/or radiotherapy. Chances of cure are high. Sexual function and fertility is well preserved after the loss of one testes. Prostheses may be inserted.

Myths – testicular cancer is not linked to tight pants, hot baths or injury.


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