A different model of healthcare.

Proactive – prevention is better than cure; identify & manage health risks before they become an issue.

Membership – subscription-based medical support over time to help you achieve better health & well being.

Data obsessed – results driven to ensure you feel objectively healthier, happier and live longer.

Tech-enabled – virtual medical support and health programs to improve your health at home.

Relentless focus to deliver results.

Better habits – helping you eat better, exercise more, sleep better, relax & self care.

Better quality of life – helping you lose weight, manage stress, improve relationships & reduce inflammation.

Better chronic disease care – industry leaders in managing diabetes, lung & heart disease, arthritis & mental health.

Greater longevity – reducing health risks & complications so you live a longer & more independent life when older.


Dr Kevin Cheng

Kevin is a GP on a mission to improve our health system and our communities. He trained at the University of WA, has a fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a MBA from INSEAD in France. He has interests in lifestyle medicine, health system reform and data analytics in healthcare. Kevin has over 20 years experience as a doctor working in urban and rural areas in Australia, plus sabbaticals in Kenya, Hong Kong and England as a clinician and in health policy. He has developed new programs for Governments, health insurers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. He is an industry expert in models of health care, population health management and chronic disease care. Kevin also worked for strategy consulting firms McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group, leading business transformations in public sector and private industries such as retail banking, manufacturing,  mining, education and technology.

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