Our mission

We think it’s time to put patients first. Our mission is to keep you happy, healthy and where possible, out of hospital. We do this by providing a different model of care, putting patients at the centre of everything we do, working in teams, and focusing relentlessly on delivering better health outcomes. More about our mission and philosophy in the below video:

Interview with Founder Kevin Cheng

Our model of healthcare

We have re-imagined healthcare with you at the heart of it:

Compassion – a different experience.

  • Specialist GPs who spend more time to listen to your concerns
  • Care managers that focus on prevention and keep you well based on clinical guidelines
  • Health assistants that help you access services and organise appointments

Collaboration – a dedicated team looking after you (not just a GP).

  • Proactive review, when you’re well (not just when you’re sick)
  • A team of allied health clinicians you can access at the clinic
  • Input from specialists to advise on complex issues
  • Partnering with community services to look after you holistically

Convenience – healthcare made easy.

  • Interacting with your care team in person, by email, phone or video
  • A transportable health record that you can access anywhere
  • Car transport (within 5km) for those in need

Clinical outcomes – focusing on achieving better results.

  • Daily tracking of clinical outcomes and quality measures
  • Independent quality assessment of our model of care
  • Patient feedback incorporated regularly into clinical care

Our membership

We provide an ongoing service that cares for you over time, unlike other medical centres that see you episodically. We invite you to be a member of our service so we can proactively review and improve your health. Research shows an ongoing relationship with a care team, and regular review by the same team over time achieves better health outcomes.

Join Osana.

  • Annual membership provides you the following services – a dedicated Care Manager focusing on prevention, a dedicated Health Assistant supporting you to access health services, an annual health plan that accesses in house clinicians as clinically indicated, weekly health talks and class activities, and advice by phone, email or video
  • As a member, all Medicare or private health rebateable services have no additional out-of-pocket charges, including consultations with GPs, physios, dietitians, psychologists, OTs, exercise physiologists and nurses
  • Additional charges may apply for workshops by external providers and experts, procedures and any specialist consultations, home visits and car transportation, and GP support in hospital admissions.

Or try us out.

  • For Medicare holders, we charge one-off visit fees of $80 per standard GP consult, $115 per long GP consult, $150 per extended GP consult (all approximately $40 gap), $80 per standard allied health clinician consult and $200 per standard Clinical Psychologist consult
  • Enquire on 139355 for non-Medicare card holders
  • We generally require 24 hour notice for rescheduling otherwise a $40 cancellation fee may apply.

Our Founder

Dr Kevin Cheng 

Kevin is an Australian trained GP specialising in chronic disease management and integrated care. He has worked as a doctor in Australia, Hong Kong, London and Africa in clinical and non-clinical roles, reforming health systems and delivering health improvements for patients. He has a strong belief we can deliver a better patient experience in healthcare, improve outcomes and at the same time, make the health system less hospital-centric. He also has a business background having advised international companies at McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group.

“Osana is a new approach in Australian healthcare that treats you like our own family member. We have designed our model to put your well-being and health needs first. Everyone receives the attention of a dedicated team that has the primary aim to keep you healthy and happy in the community.”

You can read about his experience and ideas on his blog and Linked In.


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