Our mission – why we are different

Our mission is to keep you happy, healthy and where possible, out of hospital. We do this by providing a different model of care and putting you at the centre of everything we do. We work as a team of highly qualified, research-based clinicians that focus relentlessly on delivering a better health outcome for you. We live and breathe data to deliver better results. Watch this video:

Interview with Founder Kevin Cheng

Our service – how we are different

Our model of care focuses on preventative healthcare. We work on a membership model, with your membership covering:

  • An annual health assessment covering physical and mental health risk factors, and a tailored, individualised health plan for the year ahead. This plan is reviewed quarterly and included in this plan are inputs from other health professionals, such as:
    • Annual nutrition screen
    • Annual exercise screen
    • Annual mental health check up
    • Access to weekly lifestyle classes & medical programs
  • A dedicated Health Assistant, who will support you in accessing services and keep you on track to achieve your health goals. You can call your Health Assistant’s mobile whenever you have questions or concerns – they are available just for you.
  • Online activities every day, also funded by your membership, and which includes fitness, core and balance exercises, nutrition, tai chi, yoga, meditation, relaxation therapy and health coaching.

On top of this you will also have access to:

  • Long appointments with an assigned GP, which are funded by Medicare, to see you and your family when you’re well (but also support you whenever you’re unwell). This allows your GP to address all your concerns, issues, questions and symptoms, before they become problems that affect your health. Our GPs are specialists in managing chronic health conditions and risks.
  • Telehealth appointments by video and phone, that can substitute for in clinic visits. We also provide home visits within 5km of our clinics, for those that have long-term mobility issues and are unable to access services outside their home. These services are also funded by Medicare.

Our model of care has a proven track record of achieving improvements in clinical outcomes, reducing hospital admissions, and helping thousands of our members feel healthier and happier.

Our results – proving we are different

When you join Osana, you undertake a detailed risk assessment that examines every aspect of your health and well-being. This involves:

  • A consent form to allow our entire team to care for you and support our research
  • A past medical history assessment, including detailed audit of all past hospital admissions
  • A Patient Activation Measure survey, which predicts future health risks
  • A K10 survey and mental health check up
  • A Healthy Eating Index score & diet plan to promote optimal nutrition
  • An activity assessment to maintain core strength, aerobic fitness & balance
  • A top to toe physical examination to pick up any symptoms or issues
  • Heart health, lung capacity, blood and XR tests if you have existing chronic health conditions

We repeat these assessments regularly and our care team apply the latest clinical guidelines to tailor an individualised health plan for you. Our approach goes beyond what other medical centres and specialists do by working on your health over time, not just one consultation at a time.

Our care teams are incentivised to achieve better results for you, and this becomes their sole focus (our clinicians are NOT driven by how many people they consult with, unlike most GPs in Australia). Reviewing data, ensuring quality improvement every day and focusing relentlessly on achieving better health outcomes for our members is the culture of our team at Osana.

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