Sugar – the new smoking?

We had the pleasure of interviewing the 2020 Australian of the Year Dr James Muecke, on Osana's Prevention Hacks podcast. James has had a distinguished... Read More


It's Movember, and we are raising awareness of the importance of men's health. Globally, men die on average five years earlier than women, for reasons that are largely preventable, and they (we) are... , , Read More

Post lockdown exercise

Covid has been hard for everyone, and especially for Victorians in lock down. As we come out of the second wave, its important we get... Read More

Managing depression & anxiety

A recent survey showed that 60% of Australians are experience mental health issues this year during Covid, with a quarter never having had such problems... Read More

Better Health for Her

Women's Health Week is 7-11 September and Osana is keen on helping look after the ladies in our lives. Here are our top 10 wellness tips! 1. Zap your stress Stress can... Read More

Honey honey

Honey has been found to be more effective in upper respiratory tract infection, aka the common cold, than antibiotics - we know that most colds... Read More

What’s the best mask to wear?

Masks are important in the fight against Covid-19 because it has been shown to be airborne. Even through conversation, especially with plosive sounds like "P"... Read More

Exercise your brain!

Cognitive fitness is recognised as a way to prevent dementia, similar to how physical fitness reaps health benefits. Maintaining good cognitive fitness involves the following... Read More

Keeping your family safe during Covid

Here are Osana's top 10 things to do during Covid-19: Avoid hotspot areas - keep track of outbreak locations on the NSW Health website Wear... Read More


Bones are the body’s foundation, providing support, structure and protection to organs. ​Looking after your bones and joints are important to keep them strong and healthy. This will... Read More

Laughter is the best medicine, still

People who laugh frequently have demonstrated greater capacity to deal with stress. The University of Basel investigated normal laughing behaviour - we laugh on average... Read More

Obesity leads to dementia

A 15 year study of older adults showed that obesity and higher waist circumference are linked to a 28% higher risk of dementia. This link... Read More

What predicts death?!?

A large, long term study of older adults has analysed the predictors of mortality. In decreasing order, they are: Smoking (hazard ratio of 1.9, which... Read More

Childhood experiences and health outcomes

A long term study in childhood has reported that adverse events, such as abuse, neglect, parental divorce, domestic violence, incarceration or substance use, can determine... Read More

Improving your memory

Our memories are often the most precious asset as we grow older - they convey our identity and record our journey through life. It's therefore... Read More

Eating dinner early is great for health

Our bodies regulate cortisone, melatonin and digestive enzymes according to our daily routine. This helps us metabolise calories, ensure adequate energy through out the day,... , , Read More

Post pandemic danger – insomnia!

A survey of Australians last month showed that nearly half of 2000 respondents were sleeping poorly, and that 40% were meeting the criteria for insomnia... Read More

Yoga helps migraines

A study in India demonstrated a 48% reduction in frequency and severity in migraines if treated with yoga in addition to exercise, dietary support, stress... Read More

What is social prescribing and why is it the big new thing in healthcare?

Emerging research has proven that taking up hobbies can treat depression as effectively as traditional medical therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy or medications. Hobbies,... Read More

Feeling pessimistic? Don’t, it gives you dementia!

Repetitive negative thinking has now been linked to dementia. A study showed that those who ruminated about the past and worried about the future, had... Read More

Thinking of a knee or hip replacement? You may not need it

A third of knee or hip replacements in Australia don't need to happen. That's not to say patients with osteoarthritis (wear and tear) don't suffer... Read More

Extreme interval training – 4 seconds!

A small, recent study has demonstrated that four second workouts of high intensity, repeated through the day, will counter the unhealthy sedentary behaviour of many... Read More

The dangers of chronic stress

35% of Australians feel significantly stressed, and a quarter experience anxiety and depression symptoms. This leads to risky behaviours (a majority of those feeling distress... Read More

The benefits of Pilates

Pilates was developed by a guy called Joe in the 20th century, as a way of exercising to alleviate ill health. It focuses on improving... Read More

Loneliness kills

An emerging challenge with lock down during this pandemic is dealing with being lonely. Loneliness can occur with or without other people around you, and... Read More

Stay at Home – Local Resources

Our local resources to help you stay inspired, motivated and healthy at home. CLICK ON IMAGE FOR PDF Read More

Adopting healthy work at home behaviours

We're all at home and the dog is wondering what's going on. It's easy and tempting to slip into weekend behaviour but here are some... Read More

Protecting kids from Covid-19

If infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19, SARS-CoV 2), kids may be asymptomatic or show mild symptoms, but are effective transmission carriers and can still get marked... Read More

The Up Side of Home Isolation

There's so much worry, panic and negativity around at the moment. We could all do with some uplifting news - so are there any silver... Read More

The Down Side of Home Isolation

10 risk factors to watch out for and consider during lock down: Increased alcohol consumption - 70% of Australians are currently drinking more alcohol than... Read More

Talking Covid-19 with Kids

Tips and advice on talking to kids about Covid - 19 from Dr Hannah Korrel - Child Neuropsychologist   Read More

Improve your immunity – Symptoms and Illnesses

Improve your immunity to respiratory infections and your chances against Covid-19. Address any symptoms: Do not use Nurofen (Ibuprofen) for any cold or flu-like symptoms... Read More

Improve your immunity – Vaccinations and Medications

Improve your immunity to respiratory infections and your chances against Covid-19. Get vaccinations: Flu vaccine - it's worth noting there were over 220,000 influenza cases... Read More

Improve your immunity – Stress and Rest

Improve your immunity to respiratory infections and your chances against Covid-19. Minimise stress (which makes asthma and respiratory infections more susceptible) by doing the following:... Read More

Improve Your Immunity – Diet and Exercise

Improve your immunity to respiratory infections and your chances against Covid-19. Optimise diet Eat a ‘balanced diet’ with plenty of fruit, vegetables and fish -... , , Read More

What do I need to know about Covid-19?

Updated June 2020 Osana is providing information on Covid-19 from trusted sources - this page is updated monthly. If you have any symptoms or concerns,... Read More

What shall I do for Valentines?

Valentine's Day is healthy! Engage in these activities to give your health a boost. Social connection - interacting with loved ones and having loving relationships... Read More

Coronavirus – do I need to be worried?

The current viral outbreak in China and previous epidemics such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) are due to an infection called coronavirus. As of... Read More

How do I live longer?

A new year means new habits, and hopefully ones that are healthy! There is an epidemic of wellness and a growing body of evidence that... Read More

Sleep and weight are linked

A meta-review of medical research covering almost a million participants has highlighted the link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Adults sleeping less than 5... Read More

Intermittent fasting – evidence is building

The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that intermittent fasting reduces blood pressure, helps weight loss and improves longevity. The concept is occasional starvation,... Read More

Did you sleep well?

Getting a good night's sleep is critical to your health. Sleep can be a problem in itself outside of lifestyle influences (e.g. night shifts, caffeine... Read More

Stay alert, stay alive, drink water

Here are some health facts about water intake: Cognitive ability and mood is affected by a 1% drop in body water content. Yet you only... Read More

How to stay healthy on a plant-based diet

There is increasing evidence that plant-based diets keep us healthier. More whole, plant-based foods and less animal foods, refined and processed foods are linked to... Read More

Exercise keeps us younger

A new study has shown that older people (in their 70s and 80s) who exercise regularly, have muscle structures at a cellular level that resembles... Read More

Building good relationships

A recent survey across 1,200 Australians highlighted the importance of relationships, sleep, exercise, meditation and diet in supporting good mental health during times of stress.... Read More

Sarcopenia – what is it?

Sarcopenia is a disease primarily associated with the aging process. It is the loss of muscle mass and strength as we age and it is... Read More

Creating healthy workplaces

We spend more than a third of our awake time at work in a typical week, so it's important we pay attention to our health... Read More

Screen time – what’s the low-down

A recent study showed that children 3 to 5 years old who use screens for more than an hour a day had lower levels of... Read More

Is gluten bad for you?

Around 1.5% of Australians have Coeliac's disease where gluten can't be digested, but 12% of Australians eat a gluten free diet. Coeliac's disease causes inflammation... Read More

Bushfires + Your Health

Bushfire smoke is a mixture of harmful particles and gases, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and ozone pollutants. Healthy people can recover... Read More

Is yogurt good for you?

Yogurt has been around since 5000 BC - ancient Indian records called yogurt and honey the food of gods, and Persian traditions put Abraham's fertility and... Read More

The secret health of pets

Studies have shown that pets provide physical health benefits, including: Lower cardiovascular risk - lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides and in men, lower cholesterol Increased... Read More

Run for your life

According to the World Health Organization, over 3 million deaths each year are due to people not doing enough physical activity. New research has confirmed... Read More

Top 5 Ways to Stay Active on Holiday

You made it - You're nearly at the end of another year! The holiday season is just around the corner! But this year you've actually... Read More

It’s hayfever season!

Hay Fever was first described by a doctor in 1814, which involved sneezing and itching during summer months, and the term was coined during the... Read More

Bottling things up – men + mental health

As part of Movember, we are highlighting the facts on men's health hot topics. Did you know that over 1.5 million men suffer from mental... Read More

Suicide prevention

We're highlighting men's health during Movember - suicide is real in men, here are some ways to help. Some stats - 1 in 8 men... Read More

Prostate cancer – how to screen for it

We're highlighting men's health during Movember - here's a fact sheet on prostate cancer: Some stats - the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, with... Read More

Testicular cancer – what to look out for

We're highlight men's health during Movember - here's a fact sheet on testicular cancer. Some stats - it's the second most common cancer in young... Read More

Sparkling H2O Truths

Is sparkling water bad for you? Many have seen Cola drinks clean up old coins so it's natural to wonder whether fizzy water is similar.... Read More

Managing irritable bowel syndrome

20% of Australians experience irritable bowel syndrome or symptoms at some time. These symptoms include abdominal pain, mucus in the stools, bloating, and alternating diarrhoea... Read More

Are you lonesome tonight?

A third of older Australians live alone, and socialising is now proven to be more important than exercise when it comes to quality and longevity... Read More

Exercise and heart health

Did you know that exercise protects your heart (we're assuming yes) but that heart attacks are often triggered by exercise (may be a surprise?). A... Read More

Parenting and health

The National Working Families Report has found that a third of working parents feel work-life balance is adding stress and tension to their family life... Read More


Chocolate isn't all bad. It has been shown to demonstrate some health benefits, but these benefits are moderated by the amount of sugar and concentration... Read More

Ageing well

Australians are living longer - 80 for men and 84 for women these days - but is it in good health? A Global Burden of... Read More

Slip, slop, slap in November

National Skin Action Week in November, spearheaded by the Australasian College of Dermatologist and Cancer Council Australia, is an important reminder before summer that we... Read More

A spotlight on women’s health

A recent survey of 10,000 Australian women showed that a third suffered depression or anxiety, 4 out of 10 felt lonely (which we know impacts... Read More

Walk faster, age slower

An interesting New Zealand study followed 1,000 participants to find that walking speed in your 40's was correlated with the rate of ageing. Specifically the... Read More

How we help our members

Here are some case examples of how Osana supports members in their health: Exercise A 64 year old woman joined Osana in April 2019. She... Read More

How to get the best out of your GP

84% of Australians see a GP every year, so it's important that this part of your healthcare works for you. We've all probably had good... Read More

Picking a GP is like choosing a friend for life

They are the reliable source you phone and chat about any concerns relating to health and wellbeing for you, your family and friends. A lifelong... Read More

Exercise is important when you’re older

An Austrian study (n=3300) recently showed that people who exercise for 150 minutes each week are more independent in later life. The results indicated more... Read More

Why yoga should be in your daily routine

Yoga has such broad health benefits that almost everyone can take advantage of it: Stress management: 12 out of 17 studies (n =1070) showed improvements... Read More

The Paleo Problem: The Pros and Cons of Eating Like a Caveman

The latest dietary trend - The Paleo Diet. Is it worth trying? The Paleo Diet is based around the idea of eating like our paleolithic... Read More

Tips to help fussy eaters

8 in 10 Australian parents are concerned about their children’s eating habits. Kids refuse foods for a variety of reasons - from colour and texture... Read More

OSANA on 2GB radio Read More

Podcast – Osana and its mission Read More

Meditate on meditation

Meditation is growing in evidence so we've started building it into our weekly activities at Osana, including for staff. The compelling evidence includes Greater telomere... Read More

Nuts anyone?

Frequent consumption of nuts protects against coronary heart disease (blockages that lead to heart attacks) - 1 to 4 times per week correlated with 27%... Read More

Treating diabetes with less medications

Diabetes is on the rise in Australia - someone is diagnosed every 5 minutes. Its consequences are significant - up to 35% of Australian suffering... Read More

Osana Narrabeen paving way for a different type of GP clinic

Published Manly Daily 2018 "Tax agent Annette McGough isn’t sick, but she goes to her GP surgery at least once a week, if not twice.... Read More

Health provider Osana works on prevention, not cure

Published Australian Financial Review, 2018 "Kevin Cheng says healthcare spending is spiralling out of control. Cheng, a medical doctor and former management consultant, cites a prediction... Read More

A global epidemic of our time

In five years, the OECD projects many countries will have more than two-thirds of their population being overweight or obese - 15 years ago, it... Read More

Healthier lifestyle… What’s stopping you?

Clinical care contributes to 20% of a person's health and 80% derives from health behaviours, environment and socio-economic factors. A recent global survey by Pricewaterhousecoopers... Read More

Pilates for back pain

Low back pain (LBP) is a major cause of disability and absence from work - up to 40% of sufferers still have it a year... Read More

Vitamin D for… well just about everything

Shocking news: Vitamin D is not a vitamin. Vitamins are defined as chemical components from food that are required by our bodies to function. Vitamin... Read More

The art of healing

Art therapy is now recognised as an evidence-based counselling session. Clients can explore the meaning behind pictures, and art can evoke both unconscious and conscious... Read More

New Heart Foundation food guidelines

What's changed: For the first time, a limit on the amount of red meat Australians should consume - no more than three lean meals (totalling... Read More

Walk, the talk

Did you know: Harvard research shows walking can reduce the impact of over 30 obesity-promoting genes University of Exeter found that a 15-minute walk can... Read More

Intermittent fasting – is it safe?

One caution with intermittent fasting is what's missing when you’re only consuming one or two meals per day. Inadequate intake of plant foods We know... Read More

What is FODMAP?

FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates and stand for fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols. Research led by Australians have shown links between FODMAPs and digestive... Read More

Drink more coffee

Three quarters of Australians drink a cup of coffee every day; 28% drink 3 or more. Fair to say we love our coffee, and the... Read More

Take a breath, just relax

Easy to say, but do we do this regularly? Deep diaphragmatic breathing, using your whole diaphragm, improves attention, mood and reduces stress. It is an... Read More

Everyone should take cold showers

Surely this is joke. Why bother.... well, here's the evidence : Physiological stress to the skin, alternating heat and cold, decreases stress hormones (cortisol) and... Read More

Obesity, we need to talk about it.

Two thirds of Australians are overweight or obese - this is rising and will increase to 70% by 2025. Being overweight or obese can lead... Read More

Exercise for better health, especially when older.

Exercise is so important. For older adults, being able to cover 365 metres in a standardised six-minute walk test have half the risk of dying... Read More

Saving our health system

Actuary turned doctor, Raymond Yeow and distinguished doctor and social venture entrepreneur, Kevin Cheng – a specialist in chronic disease management and integrated care –... Read More