Educational Talk – Hot Topics in July!

Join us each Thursday at Osana Narrabeen for weekly educational talks. This months 'Hot Topics' are: Week 1: Diabetes RiskDate: Thursday 4th JulyTime: 10:00 AM - 10:45 AMDetails: It's National Diabetes Week and 280 Australians get diagnosed every day. Find... View article

Cardio Exercise

Did you know your fitness is the most important modifiable factor in living a long and comfortable life? What this means is that ensuring you're as fit as possible will make living an easier and more enjoyable thing to do!HOW... View article

Flexibility Exercise

Join us at Osana Narrabeen once a week for a whole body stretch & flexibility class for all ages & abilities. Fees:           Free for Osana members Dates: Tuesdays (ongoing) Times: 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Location:    Osana Narrabeen, 1416... View article

Relaxation Therapy

Dr Judy Lovas conducts Evidence based Relaxation Therapy classes for pain, anxiety, trauma, depression, sleep disorders or stress-related and chronic health conditions. Fees:           Free for Osana members, otherwise $20 per class, $70 for 4 classes, $100 for 6 classes Start... , View article

Group Exercise

Join other members in an hour Group Exercise session and encourage each other to reach your own goals! Sessions are held one each week, where our Physiotherapist, Tegan, will guide you through a basic exercise circuit (covering: core, balance, resistance,... View article

Walk to Centennial Park

All Osana members are invited to join us for a morning walk from our Woollahra clinic to the Woollahra Gate, along Carrington Drive to the Paddington Gate and back to the clinic for morning tea! You will be accompanied by... View article

World Continence Week

Practical information on the prevention and management of incontinence for men and women, young and old.Join our very own Dr Caroline Rogers for a talk on the causes of bladder issues and what you can do about it. Penny Hanlon... View article

Balance + Strength

Issues such as pain and trauma, loss of function and confidence, reduced independence and reliance on others for daily activities are common after a fall. However, you can improve your strength and balance to avoid falls right through to the... View article

Health Check-in

A drop in-session to see how you are tracking on your health goals.Celebrate your wins, brainstorm on how to tackle the challenges and monitor indicators like weight and blood pressure in a judgement-free zone. Fees:           FREE for members Date: 4th... View article

Balance Exercise

Falls, and the injuries they cause, can dramatically impact your health for the worse. A key factor in falls is your balance and unfortunately, we lose our ability to balance and recover quickly as we age. Poor balance can increase... View article

Staying On Your Feet

CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT SERIES Do you worry about falling?Do you limit your life to fit your declining balance? Falls can cause life changing injuries. Fortunately, good balance and strength can protect against falls risk, and increase mobility & quality of... View article

Living With Pain

CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT SERIES Does pain and stiff joints limit your movement in life?Did you know exercise is recommended worldwide as a treatment for painful joints? In this talk we'll discuss the 2 rules you MUST follow, plus the exact... View article

Improving Your Mood

CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT SERIES Do you sometimes feel a bit blue, or lack energy in life?It's good to remember there are many simple things you can do to lift your mood! You may already be doing some, and you certainly... View article

Managing Asthma & COPD

CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT SERIES Studies have shown that 10% of patients with Asthma or COPD use their inhaler correctly. Here at Osana we would like to ensure the inhaler technique is correct before heading to winter. Bring along your inhalers... View article

Weight Loss Workshop

Want to lose weight and develop better habits to keep healthy?Join us as we work with you towards sustainable weight loss, better habits, and an AMAZING life! Your ideal weight IS possible, and we'll show you how to get it!... View article

Welcome to Osana

Find out how Osana membership can help keep you healthy and happy! (more…) View article

Hot Topic Series: Declutter At Home

Feeling like its time to clean out before Winter sets in? Come along for tips and tricks from Dr Stef, to organise your home and declutter. From kitchen or bedroom, out with old and in with the useful! Fees:           FREE... View article

Hot Topic Series: Cold Season

The cold and flu season has started early this year. We will discuss why this is, who should have an influenza vaccination and when, how to tell the difference between cold and flu, how to avoid the cold season and... View article

Nutrition Workshop

Confused as what is a healthy diet and whats in the media? Come and listen to Sarah our Dietitian as she talks through the latest food trends like ketogenic diet and low carbohydrate diets. Fees:           FREE for members $10 for... View article

Hot Topic Series: Exercise

Don't know where to start with exercise? We will explore current exercise topics in the media, and the truths and myths. Join us to discover the best ways to reach your individual goals armed with the latest research. Fees:           FREE... View article

Cardio Exercise

Gentle exercise class to help keep you healthy and active!Exercise plays a key role in keeping both mind and body happy and healthy. Come and join Lisa, our dietician and personal trainer for some gentle exercise along with dietary tips... View article

Nutrition Workshop

Do you want to become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself this year? Our Dietitian and Personal Trainer Lisa will help you make the right food and lifestyle choices to kickstart your health and wellbeing with this 8 week nutrition... View article


Interested in slowing down, improving your wellbeing and finding more peace in your everyday life? Meditation means allowing our minds to rest in the present moment - here and now. When we are in the present moment we are peaceful,... View article


Are you one of the more than 60% of Australian's who take some kind of supplement?We are consuming more supplements than ever before but there are many important questions to ask first. Do I need them? What does the evidence... View article

Healthy Cooking Class!

Come and be involved in a healthy cook class that will be facilitated by a Dietitian. Recipes will be quick and easy for family dinner and everyday eating. Once the meal is prepared sit down and enjoy the meal together... View article

Mindful Eating

Are you aware of the relationship you have with food, and how it affects your health and wellbeing? Mindful eating is about learning to bring your focus to the task you're doing in the present moment – eating. Paying deliberate... View article

Be A Man & Shape Up

Join a challenge with other like minded men to change that dad bod!Osana invite you to join this series to change your lifestyle. Each week you will have the opportunity to meet with our dietitian and exercise physiologist to ensure... View article

Strength Exercise

Did you know that we lose our strength as we get older? And the only way to build this back is to lift 'heavy' things? (Where heavy is relative to your current strength). Strength training is a key part of... View article

Shopping Tour!

Are you ever confused by reading food products labels? Come and learn how to read a label in our local supermarket. Comparing products side by side to make you an informed shopper. This workshop will focus on food trends, what's... View article

Sleeping Better

Are you getting enough sleep? Do you wake feeling refreshed, or like you want to snooze the alarm another 4 times? Sleep is crucial to living a healthy and happy life, from energy to hormones to memory. We'll discuss the... View article

Managing Stress

Do you feel overwhelmed in life? How often do you say "I'm stressed"? Many of us think that being stressed is just a part of life these day. However, we know a better way! We'll discuss these ways and more... View article

Sleep Better

Sleep...we're told we will (or should!) be doing it for around a third of our lives. Do you? Some struggle to get enough...others to stay awake...we don't even really know for sure what it's purpose is?! Come along and hear... View article

Stay On Your Feet

Do you worry about falling? Do you limit your life to fit your declining balance? Falls can cause life-changing injuries. Fortunately, good balance and strength can protect against falls risk, and increase mobility & quality of life! This talk will... View article

Heart Of Exercise

Do you have high blood pressure? Maybe you're wondering what activity is best for your heart health? This talk will go into the finer details of what activity you can do to ensure your heart remains happy for years to... View article

Rock A Bye Baby – Osana Narrabeen

This information session will provide you with helpful tips for establishing good sleep patterns for your baby - covering baby settling techniques, how to establish good sleep habits and common sleeping issues (from newborn to preschoolers). Join us for light... View article

Art Therapy

Transpersonal Art Therapy is a counselling technique using creative processes as a medium to help guide a person through emotional, physical and psychological issues. How does it work? he simple yet powerful processes help access information that exists beyond the... View article

Hips and Knees – Osana Narrabeen

Come and find out more about how you can avoid or postpone the need for joint replacement, and how best to prepare for  knee and hips surgery when you do need it. Dr Negus works closely with Reece Jones, physiotherapist... View article

Managing Stress – Osana Cremorne

Bills, families, friends, traffic, health and jobs mean stress is a part of Australian life. Some people are better at coping with stress. We discuss why stress happens, how to build resilience to stress and how we can use stress... View article

Thrive with Exercise – Osana Cremorne

We all need to move more, exercise and we all know it. But - knowing hasn’t made us change what we do day to day. At this talk we’ll discuss the habits and systems we need to put into place... View article

Food for Thought – Osana Cremorne

A balanced food diet is one that includes all the colours of the rainbow. Come join us in this free session, to learn and share about healthy tips and tricks, food combinations & cooking with what's in season. Osana Cremorne... View article

Core Exercise

Join us for a 45 minute class of exercises to strengthen your core muscles. This class is designed for people with back pain or anyone looking to build core strength, stability and flexibility to improve their quality of life.  ... View article

Group Acupuncture

Acupuncture can provide therapeutic benefits for a number of specific health conditions. These include, but are not limited to; Back, neck and shoulder pain; headaches and migraines; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); sciatica and jaw (or TMJ) pain. Importantly, most people... View article

Healthy Eating Class – Osana Narrabeen

Our Dietitian and Personal Trainer Lisa will help you make the right food and lifestyle choices to to kickstart your health and wellbeing in 2019! What to Expect? A Week by week support by a dietitian Group support from others... View article

Exercise for Weight Loss – Osana Narrabeen

Diet and exercise both play an important part in preventing weight gain and keeping healthy. Come and join Lisa, our dietician and personal trainer every Thursday morning for some gentle exercise and dietary tips to help you stay healthy and... View article

Meditation – Osana Narrabeen + Cremorne

Mindfulness through meditation is a tool that increases connectedness, acceptance and awareness of yourself and others. It offers many health benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety. There are many different ways to meditate and the weekly 30 minute sessions... , View article

Life Skills

Join us for a series of hourly sessions at Osana Narrabeen, held on the first Wednesday of every month. In these sessions we will discuss acceptance and commitment therapy. Allowing for clarity for patients to focus and take action to... View article

Beach Walk

All Osana members are invited to join us for a morning walk to the beach, along the Narrabeen Lagoon, from our North Narrabeen clinic to North Narrabeen rockpool and back to the clinic for morning tea! Sessions:       Wednesdays,... View article

Group Physio

Join other members in an hour Group Physio session and encourage each other to reach your own goals!   Session are held twice weekly, where our Physiotherapist, Kierre, will guide you through your tailored exercise program in our gym at... View article

Parenting With Confidence – Osana Narrabeen

A 10-week series of informational sessions to provide new and expectant parents with helpful tips and advice for parenting children, from newborn to preschool age BOOK NOW > View article

Let’s Talk Osteoporosis – Seniors Festival at Osana Cremorne

1.2 million Australians suffer from osteoporosis and over 6 million more are at high risk. Most people don’t know they are at risk until they fracture a bone.  Dr David Cosgriff from Osana will talk about risk factors for osteoporosis, how... View article

Mental Health and Isolation – Seniors Festival at Osana Cremorne

Loneliness has been defined as the next major public health problem and links between loneliness and poor physical and mental health outcomes are now well established. Cognitive decline and a faster progression of Alzheimer’s disease has also been linked to... View article

Let’s Talk Immunisations – Seniors Festival at Osana Cremorne

Let's Talk Immunisations! As we get older, our immune systems become slightly less effective at protecting us from disease. This means that we become more prone to catching infections, and once we catch an infection we can take longer to... View article

Sore Joints and Exercise – Seniors Festival at Osana Cremorne

Does pain and stiff joints limit your movement in life? Did you know exercise is recommended worldwide as a treatment for painful joints? In this talk we'll discuss the 2 rules you MUST follow, plus the exact exercises and tips... View article

Balance and Strength – Seniors Festival at Osana Cremorne

Do you worry about falling? Do you limit your life to fit your declining balance? Falls can cause life changing injuries. Fortunately, good balance and strength can protect against falls risk, and increase mobility & quality of life! This talk... View article

Let’s Talk About Sexual Health – Seniors Festival at Osana Cremorne

Sexual health and desire are affected by complex factors related to physical health, psychological factors, hormonal changes, erectile dysfunction and even medication side effects. Many find this a difficult topic in person, so join Dr Stephanie Teoh for a talk... View article

Let’s Talk About Sleep – Seniors Festival at Osana Cremorne

Have you ever lain awake at night thinking about how you can't sleep?  We explore what sleep is, how much the body needs, what to do if you can't sleep and how to get a refreshing night's slumber. 21ST FEBRUARY... View article

Eating Well with Ageing – Seniors Festival at Osana Cremorne

Eating well is important at any age. Eating well helps you feel your best everyday. Older adult need to eat a variety of nutritious foods to keep physically active and maintain a healthy weight. This talk goes through all the... View article

Osana Cremorne Launch Event 2018

Thank-you to all our special guests who supported us for our inaugural Osana Cremorne clinic launch. (more…) View article

Osana – Interview with Founder Kevin Cheng

A recent interview with our founder, Kevin Cheng. View article

Feeling more energetic

Feeling more energetic Some stats: Each year 1.5 million Australians see their doctor about fatigue. People that feel more tired - up 60% of obese patients, introverts, older adults and anyone going through menopause. Fatigue can be a sign of... View article

Reducing stress

Reducing Stress Some stats: 1 in 8 Australians report high stress, 1 in 3 experience depression symptoms and 1 in 4 experience anxiety symptoms Stress makes gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, pain conditions, allergies and asthma worse (through chronic inflammation)... View article

Prepare for winter… and manflu

Prepare for winter... and manflu Some stats: Influenza (flu) is more potent than the common cold which is usually restricted to the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat). Flu is much more likely to cause a strain on organs in the... View article

The case for more prevention

The case for more prevention Some stats: 26% of health care costs in Australia can be avoided through better prevention. Treasury Departments predict by 2046 that 100% of State Government funding will go towards hospitals, the most expensive part of... View article

Improving your sleep

Improving your sleep Some stats: Up to 45% of Australians have sleep difficulties - this can lead to health conditions or make existing ones worse. 19% of people that snore have a sleep disorder. Three quarters of those that sleep... View article

Experimenting with General Practice – Medical Republic Journal

Experimenting with General Practice Australia’s health system, as it currently stands, is unsustainable. Treasury forecasts predict health care will consume all of State revenues by 2046;1private health insurance premiums are going up by 4 to 6% each year, and hospital... View article

A new model of care – Prosperity Health Paper

A new model of care Prosperity Health’s recent involvement in the RACGP’s GP17 conference provided exposure to exciting new insights and ideas in the medical industry. We were fortunate to have hundreds of great discussions with practicing GPs and owners... View article