A small, recent study has demonstrated that four second workouts of high intensity, repeated through the day, will counter the unhealthy sedentary behaviour of many Australians. Given “sitting is the new smoking”, and sitting jobs prevail in many industries, this finding is helpful for time-poor schedules.

Inactivity is well documented to be unhealthy. It increases risks of diabetes, heart disease and high triglycerides in our blood stream. And exercise is known to be the antidote but often we don’t fit it into our daily routines.

High intensity interval training has gained popularity in recent years and has been proven to work even in elite athletes. It consists of “going all out” for short periods of time. The exercise is typically high energy expenditure and simple, such as:

  • Jogging lightly for 3 minutes, then
  • Running hard for 1 minute, then
  • Repeating this cycle 4 more times

High intensity interval training has shown to help people lose weight, reduce blood sugar and improve overall heart health.

So whether it’s 4 minutes or 4 seconds, every bit counts!


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