Wednesday 9th June, 2021
Drop Bio and Osana Announce Mental Health Partnership

Drop Bio is joining forces with Osana to use personalised inflammatory
biomarker analysis to create a rapid triage model for mental health and
improve mental health outcomes for Australians.

Drop Bio, an Australian biotechnology and digital health company focused on chronic
inflammation has announced a strategic partnership with Osana, a General Practice
and Primary Care leader in preventative healthcare, to further understand the role that
chronic inflammation plays in mental health.

The partnership will focus on generating evidence to support development of a rapid
triage model designed to help clinicians reduce the time it takes for patients to receive
the best model of mental health care. Evidence shows significant delays to diagnosis,
treatment and support of people suffering from mental health conditions, and rapid
triage can help those affected much earlier.

The research-driven partnership will advance both companies’ mental health strategy
by harnessing Osana’s clinical experience in mental health outcomes and the insights
from Drop Bio’s leading edge SCIP biomarker technology platform. Together, they aim
to track and explain the critical role that chronic inflammation plays in mental health.

Phil Hayes-St Clair, Co-Founder and CEO at Drop Bio explains: “Drop is thrilled to
partner with the Osana team. We are pioneering a convenient, effective and
personalised approach to help people understand their underlying inflammatory health.
Kevin and his team are growing a member-first, data-driven preventative health model
which is impressive and we look forward to adding further value to Osana’s members
and public health more broadly.”

“Mental health is complex. We believe our biomarker technology platform can play a
key role in helping triage those affected by mental health conditions and as a result
shorten time to treatment and inform next generation models of care,” said Phil HayesSt Clair.

Dr Kevin Cheng, Osana Care Founder and CEO said: ”We’re excited to work with Drop
on making a difference in mental health, especially as we manage out of Covid. Being
able to diagnose and triage clinical and sub-clinical mental health conditions through biomarkers can effectively change the game, and evolve our healthcare system towards patient-driven, proactive care, especially for mental health conditions.”

“This partnership complements Osana’s mission to re-imagine healthcare in Australia,
by focusing on preventative medicine, activating people in their health and wellbeing
through lifestyle modification, and applying data science and technology to achieve
better outcomes. Working with Drop will further enhance our industry leading results
on keeping people healthy, happy and out of the hospital system.” said Dr Cheng.

About Drop Bio
Drop Bio is a biotechnology and digital health company focused on chronic
inflammation. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, we combine
blood biomarkers and lived experience, using advanced technologies, to track and
explain chronic inflammation. We are accelerating the world’s transition to
personalised health with a focus on women’s health, mental health, wellness and
chronic disease management.
About Osana
Osana is a B-corporation with a social mission to transform lives through better health
and orient our health system towards preventative care. We look after six thousand
Sydney families through a unique membership model, are growing quickly and have a
track record of reducing hospital admissions by 50% and improving clinical results by
30% for those in our service.