Improve your immunity to respiratory infections and your chances against Covid-19.

Minimise stress (which makes asthma and respiratory infections more susceptible) by doing the following:

  • Reassure kids they are safe – read Talking Covid-19 with kids
  • Limit your news exposure and avoid information overload; don’t check social media every hour
  • Take deep breaths, stretch, practice mindfulness or meditate
  • Avoid alcohol, stimulant and drugs
  • Make time to unwind, focus on hobbies and activities you enjoy
  • Find laughter and spread positivity to others; giving can provide joy and fulfillment
  • Connect with others – call family and friends and chat about your concerns and feelings; this can be a lonely time and social isolation affects physical health
  • Identify support groups on Facebook and networks that you can participate in
  • Write down all the stressors and come up with a plan how to manage them before they arise
  • Focus only on factors that you can control and accept externalities that you can’t influence
  • Get help from professionals to deal with financial stress, work stress or redundancies, life transitions
  • Exercise each day and set daily goals that you can achieve (provides a sense of purpose, accomplishment and control)

And, maximise rest:

  • Take breaks during the day, make the most of time at home with family
  • Take walks and get fresh air (but maintain social distancing)
  • Get plenty of sleep, at least 7-8 hours a day (those who regularly slept less than six hours a night are 4.2 times more likely to catch the common cold)
  • Enjoy quiet time – reading a book, listening to music, taking a bath, prayer, gardening, walking your dog
  • Keep a daily routine, even if quarantined at home
  • Minimise screen time and eye strain
  • If home-schooling, preserve self-care and find some time for yourself
  • Practise tai chi (improves underlying lung disease) or yoga (improves lung capacity and reduces inhaler dependence in lung disease)

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