A study in India demonstrated a 48% reduction in frequency and severity in migraines if treated with yoga in addition to exercise, dietary support, stress management and advice on sleep (compared to 12% reduction with these treatments without yoga). One of the mechanisms for the impact of yoga is through relaxation and reducing stress, which is a known trigger for migraines.

Around 5 million Australians suffer from migraines. Thus adding yoga to your health plan can help, and reduce the amount of medications you may need (only 50% of migraine sufferers get benefit from medications in any case).

For Osana members, we are running online yoga every Tuesday at 10am – see you there! Otherwise you can find a local studio on https://www.findyoga.com.au/in/australia

There are some great yoga Apps – try Asana Rebel, Alo Moves, Glo, Dog Down or Peloton Digital.  Also, some engaging Youtube videos – check out Yoga with Adriene, Yoga with Tim, Body Positive Yoga,  Spirit Voyage, and Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga.


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