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Come and find out more about how you can avoid or postpone the need for joint replacement, and how best to prepare forĀ  knee and hips surgery when you do need it. Dr Negus works closely with Reece Jones, physiotherapist...Read More
Join us for a 45 minute class of exercises to strengthen your core muscles. This class is designed for people with back pain or anyone looking to build core strength, stability and flexibility to improve their quality of life. Our...Read More
Acupuncture can provide therapeutic benefits for a number of specific health conditions. These include, but are not limited to; Back, neck and shoulder pain; headaches and migraines; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); sciatica and jaw (or TMJ) pain. Importantly, most people...Read More
Our Dietitian and Personal Trainer Lisa will help you make the right food and lifestyle choices to to kickstart your health and wellbeing in 2019! What to Expect? A Week by week support by a dietitian Group support from others...Read More
Diet and exercise both play an important part in preventing weight gain and keeping healthy. Come and join Lisa, our dietician and personal trainer every Thursday morning for some gentle exercise and dietary tips to help you stay healthy and...Read More
Mindfulness through meditation is a tool that increases connectedness, acceptance and awareness of yourself and others. It offers many health benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety. There are many different ways to meditate and the weekly 30 minute sessions...Read More
Join us for a series of seven weekly two hour group psychology sessions at Osana Narrabeen. In these sessions we will introduce a new way to relate to painful experiences through mindfulness and acceptance skills. Allowing for clarity for patients...Read More
All Osana members are invited to join us for a morning walk along the Narrabeen Lagoon, from our North Narrabeen clinic to North Narrabeen rockpool and back to the clinic for morning tea! Wear comfortable clothing, a sun hat and...Read More
Join other members in an hour Group Physio session and encourage each other to reach your own goals! Session are held twice weekly, where our Physiotherapist, Kierre, will guide you through your tailored exercise program in our gym at Osana...Read More
A 10-week series of informational sessions to provide new and expectant parents with helpful tips and advice for parenting children, from newborn to preschool age BOOK NOW >Read More