Here are Osana’s top 10 things to do during Covid-19:

  1. Avoid hotspot areas – keep track of outbreak locations on the NSW Health website
  2. Wear a mask – Covid is airborne and masks reduce transmission by 60-80% (cloth and surgical masks), up to 95% (P2, N-95)
  3. Disinfect common surfaces – droplets with Covid can last up to 3 days and be infective – wipe down with disinfectant and use Glen 20
  4. Use alcohol sanitiser – make sure it contains at least 70% alcohol to be effective (and wash your hands for 30 seconds)
  5. Avoid risky activities – stay away from any gathering in doors, singing and playing wind instruments
  6. Minimise close contact – avoid kissing, handshakes and hugs except for immediate family or partners
  7. Stay home and limit outings to the outdoors where there is fresh air and good ventilation
  8. Maintain a social distance of more than 2 metres at all times
  9. Get tested the moment you get any symptoms – respiratory, fever but also gastro, loss of smell or headache
  10. Stop sharing any utensils, crockery or equipment in the workplace (e.g. computers, hot desks)

In terms of wearing masks, aim for a 3-ply cloth mask that you can wash and recycle daily, and one that has adjustable straps, minimal gap on the sides and has a wire to fit to your nasal bridge. Surgical masks are great but are generally single, expiring and becoming ineffective when they get excessive moisture.

Overall, keep healthy by reading our articles on prevention and boosting your immunity, including the following recommendations to ward off respiratory infections:

  • Take Vitamin D and antioxidants such as beta-carotene & Vitamin E
  • Exercise with moderate intensity every day
  • Get more than 6 hours of quality sleep per night
  • Practise tai chi, pilates or yoga (and meditation or mindfulness for good mental health benefits)
  • Make sure you are taking your medications properly, especially inhalers for lung disease
  • Proactively manage any chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart, lung or kidney disease
  • Get a flu shot if you haven’t had one this winter
  • Stop smoking, if you do