Flu – get jabbed!

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all getting vaccination fatigue these days with all of the covid vaccinations over the last couple of... , Read More


FACTS ABOUT COVID-19: Latest updates: Omicron is a variant of concern that is currently spreading quickly. It appears mild in symptoms with fatigue & soreness the... , Read More

Healthy hearts

80% of heart disease is preventable yet it causes a quarter of all deaths in Australia. Risk factors include family history, diabetes, smoking, alcohol consumption,... Read More

What is PCOS? – Dr Carolyn Ee

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Dr Carolyn Ee joins us to chat about PCOS and how lifestyle behaviours can impact symptoms and treatment. About Dr... Read More

New evidence to quit smoking

We all know smoking is bad for your health but it can be hard to kick this habit. Over 19,000 Australians die every year due... Read More

Prevent Emphysema today

Emphysema results from long term smoking - thankfully incidence in Australia (new cases) is on the decline due to a reduction in smoking but chronic... Read More

Do food sensitivity kits work?

In a time where food intolerances and allergies are becoming more and more prevalent, consumers now have access to tests which can help to identify... Read More

How to improve asthma

Are you an Asthma sufferer? You are not alone, 400 Aussies die from asthma each year and unfortunately, these deaths are preventable. Australia has the... Read More

What is good blood pressure

A diverse range of options to lower blood pressure. In Australia high blood pressure (hypertension) affects 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women.... Read More

Managing your chronic pain

1 in 5 Australians suffer chronic pain, defined as persisting pain after an injury or illness. Whilst acute pain is helpful (helps us survive &... Read More

Do you know the signs of stroke

About 60,000 Australians have a stroke every year, with three-quarters being a first time stroke. It's one of our biggest killers (more than breast cancer... Read More

How to prevent heart disease

A quarter of deaths in Australia are due to cardiovascular disease each year, the most common being heart attacks. 80% of heart disease is preventable... Read More

Can osteoarthritis be avoided?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative and inflammatory disease (no longer just considered "wear and tear") that affects 1 in 10 Australians. Unfortunately 30% of arthritis cases... Read More

Gut health and the brain – what’s the connection?

Hippocrates once claimed that all disease begins in the gut, speculating that bile from the spleen brought on dark moods. Did you know that there... Read More

How to ensure a healthy prostate

Prostate disease affects a quarter of Australian men each year. The most serious is prostate cancer, where 16,000 diagnoses occur each year and 3,500 men... Read More

Managing depression & anxiety

A recent survey showed that 60% of Australians are experience mental health issues this year during Covid, with a quarter never having had such problems... Read More

What’s the best mask to wear?

Masks are important in the fight against Covid-19 because it has been shown to be airborne. Even through conversation, especially with plosive sounds like "P"... Read More

Keeping your family safe during Covid

Here are Osana's top 10 things to do during Covid-19: Avoid hotspot areas - keep track of outbreak locations on the NSW Health website Wear... Read More


Bones are the body’s foundation, providing support, structure and protection to organs. ​Looking after your bones and joints are important to keep them strong and healthy. This will... Read More

Obesity leads to dementia

A 15 year study of older adults showed that obesity and higher waist circumference are linked to a 28% higher risk of dementia. This link... Read More

Post pandemic danger – insomnia!

A survey of Australians last month showed that nearly half of 2000 respondents were sleeping poorly, and that 40% were meeting the criteria for insomnia... Read More

Thinking of a knee or hip replacement? You may not need it

A third of knee or hip replacements in Australia don't need to happen. That's not to say patients with osteoarthritis (wear and tear) don't suffer... Read More

Protecting kids from Covid-19

If infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19, SARS-CoV 2), kids may be asymptomatic or show mild symptoms, but are effective transmission carriers and can still get marked... Read More

The Up Side of Home Isolation

There's so much worry, panic and negativity around at the moment. We could all do with some uplifting news - so are there any silver... Read More

The Down Side of Home Isolation

10 risk factors to watch out for and consider during lock down: Increased alcohol consumption - 70% of Australians are currently drinking more alcohol than... Read More

Talking Covid-19 with Kids

Tips and advice on talking to kids about Covid - 19 from Dr Hannah Korrel - Child Neuropsychologist   Read More

Improve your immunity – Symptoms and Illnesses

Improve your immunity to respiratory infections and your chances against Covid-19. Address any symptoms: Do not use Nurofen (Ibuprofen) for any cold or flu-like symptoms... Read More

Improve your immunity – Vaccinations and Medications

Improve your immunity to respiratory infections and your chances against Covid-19. Get vaccinations: Flu vaccine - it's worth noting there were over 220,000 influenza cases... Read More

What do I need to know about Covid-19?

Updated June 2020 Osana is providing information on Covid-19 from trusted sources - this page is updated monthly. If you have any symptoms or concerns,... Read More

Coronavirus – do I need to be worried?

The current viral outbreak in China and previous epidemics such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) are due to an infection called coronavirus. As of... Read More

Sarcopenia – what is it?

Sarcopenia is a disease primarily associated with the aging process. It is the loss of muscle mass and strength as we age and it is... Read More

Suicide prevention

We're highlighting men's health during Movember - suicide is real in men, here are some ways to help. Some stats - 1 in 8 men... Read More

Prostate cancer – how to screen for it

We're highlighting men's health during Movember - here's a fact sheet on prostate cancer: Some stats - the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, with... Read More

Testicular cancer – what to look out for

We're highlight men's health during Movember - here's a fact sheet on testicular cancer. Some stats - it's the second most common cancer in young... Read More

Managing irritable bowel syndrome

20% of Australians experience irritable bowel syndrome or symptoms at some time. These symptoms include abdominal pain, mucus in the stools, bloating, and alternating diarrhoea... Read More

Treating diabetes with less medications

Diabetes is on the rise in Australia - someone is diagnosed every 5 minutes. Its consequences are significant - up to 35% of Australian suffering... Read More

Kidney Disease Risk

Where are our kidneys and why are they important? They’re part of our back wall of the abdominal cavity and GPs can test for tenderness... Read More

Tips on assessing unwell kids

It can be hard to understand severity when kids are unwell – should they stay home, should they see the GP, when should you be... Read More

Depression – disease summary

A serious topic - depression affects 1 million Australians in any given year, and up to 45% of Australians will suffer a mental health condition... Read More

National Diabetes Week

Diabetes is considered the health epidemic of the 21st century with 280 Australians being diagnosed every day and affecting 1.7 million Australians overall (of which... Read More