Osana is a social enterprise that focuses on prevention.

We are a group of clinicians focused on improving the health of our members that we care for. Our mission is to transform lives through better health outcomes, by helping Australians live healthier, happier and stay out of the hospital system.  Our focus is to support people when they are well, rather than wait until they get sick. Osana is accredited nationally by Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited, and globally as a B-corporation (https://bcorporation.net/about-b-corps). You can feel confident that Osana puts you first because that is our primary mission, to support you towards better health.

Osana is recognised as a centre of excellence in healthcare.

We have been featured in print (Daily Telegraph, Manly Daily, Australian Financial Review), radio (2GB) and on TV (Ticker), as well as in medical journals (Australian Doctor, Medical Republic). We are often nominated as the most innovative medical clinic in Australia (by our peers), and frequently host students, universities and clinical groups as a Centre for excellence in service delivery, innovation and training. You can trust Osana to provide the best possible healthcare, because others in the healthcare system trust us to lead the way into the future.

Osana works with the George Institute for Global Public Health.

The George Institute evaluates our innovative approach to healthcare, and examines our capability to improve health outcomes compared to current industry standards. Our team focuses on data collection, research analysis and quality improvement to achieve better results. Our model emphasises prevention, slow medicine (long appointments), a team-based approach and healthy lifestyle behaviours. Our GPs are salaried (unlike most other GPs in Australia that work on commission). You can rely on the Osana team to relentlessly push for a better health outcome for you, using data and the best possible research.

Over 6,000 Osana members have had 51% less days in hospital.

Going to hospital is stressful, risky, costly and often not necessary. We track hospital bed days for 12 months before our members join Osana and compare this to the most recent 12 months under our service. This is significant as 70% of Osana members have chronic health condition(s) that pose a risk for hospital intervention, and we have successfully kept our members healthy and avoided this intervention. We have a strong belief that our approach can reduce long-term hospital risks by half. Less hospital risks means you save money, stress and avoid unnecessary risks of hospital and surgical procedures.

Osana members have improved their clinical outcomes by 20-40%.

For many chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease and arthritis, the current Australian health system keeps approximately 30-50% of people living with these conditions managed to a clinical target considered best practice. Not meeting a clinical target means more health complications and illness later in life.

81% of Osana members with diabetes are managed to a sugar (HbA1c) target that is clinically recommended (vs. industry average 49%). Meeting target in diabetes leads to less heart attacks (-16%), less amputations (-25%) and less eye or kidney complications (-35%).

81% of Osana members with heart disease are managed to blood pressure and cholesterol targets that are clinically recommended (vs. industry average 42%). Meeting targets reduces the risk of recurrent heart attacks, heart failure and stroke, and leads to less suffering, better quality of life and greater longevity.

69% of Osana members with hypertension are managed to a blood pressure target that is clinically recommended (vs. industry average 32%). Meeting target in hypertension leads to less headaches, less eye disease, less kidney disease, less stroke, less heart attacks and lower incidence of dementia.

21% improvement in osteoarthritis scores (industry average is 18% improvement after surgery). Improving osteoarthritis scores means less pain, better function and lower risk of needing joint replacement.

21% reduction in Osana members who smoke or drink moderate to heavy amounts of alcohol, leading to less cancer, less heart disease, less lung disease, less stroke, less diabetes, less cirrhosis, less gastro-intestinal bleeding and better mental health.

21% reduction in Osana members with psychological distress or mental illness, leading to better quality of life, happiness and less medications.

11% reduction in Osana members with obesity (BMI>30), leading to less diabetes, less heart disease, less gall bladder disease, less fatty liver, less sleep apnoea, less infertility, less cancer, less joint surgery and improved self-image.

Osana members enjoy a 18% reduction in future health risks.

Activating and engaging people in their health is important, and has been shown to reduce episodes of ill health, reduce trips to hospital, improve self-reported health and improve quality of life. Osana has activated our members in their health through coaching and behaviour change, resulting in lower long-term health risks. Osana uses the globally validated Patient Activation Measure which is licensed from North America.  Improvements in patient activation result in better self-reported health, better quality of life, less trips to hospital and more preventative care.

Members rate Osana with a Net Promoter Score above 80.

The Osana team spends more time with you (our average consultation time is 20-40 minutes compared to 10-15 minutes in normal medical centres), and we provide complementary online classes and programs to keep our members healthy. As part of our service, you can access a dedicated Health Assistant to ensure your questions, concerns or issues are addressed and adequately managed. You will experience a very different style of healthcare at Osana – Prepare to feel cared for, listened to and supported at every step of the way.

Act now – there has never been a more important time to look after your health.

Here are some examples of how we help our members – click here.

If you would like to find out more about our service, contact us on info@osana.care or 13WELL. We look forward to hearing from you!