Become a member of Osana.

  • Join for a $150 annual fee (Healthcare Card, children under 16 and Department of Veteran Affair concessions pay a $80 annual fee).
  • Membership covers services that Medicare or health insurance does not pay for, including a dedicated Care Manager to focus on health prevention; a Health Assistant to help you access services, book appointments, organise paperwork and support you with any questions or concerns; access to your GP and care team by video, phone or email; complimentary health talks, workshops, exercise classes, yoga, meditation sessions and group activities in our clinics; and car transport within 5km of your closest clinic when you are unwell.
  • For members, we provide GP consults, Physiotherapy, Exercise physiology, Psychology, Dietitian review, Occupational Therapy and Nursing support in our clinics or through home visits, all at no out-of-pocket costs and based on your health plan and clinical requirements. We recover costs from Medicare and health insurers where we can, with no additional expenses to you.
  • Our model is putting patients first, so if we run out of Medicare-funded allied health consultations or do not have private health insurance for reimbursement, we will aim to provide the care that is required anyway, best we can, because that’s the right thing to do.

Or see our clinicians as you need.

  • Whilst our preferred approach is to support you holistically with an entire team that is evidence-based and demonstrated to achieve positive health outcomes in health systems abroad, you can also see our clinicians without becoming a member of Osana.
  • For private GP consultations we charge $80 per standard visit, $115 per long visit and $150 per extended visit (after Medicare = $40 gap). For private Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and Occupational Therapists we charge $80 per visit. For our Clinical Psychologist we charge $200 per consult.
  • You can also use our gym room and enrol in 10 sessions of exercise classes for $150, or attend our specific workshops as a non-member for a low fee. All regular talks are free for non-members to attend, meet our clinicians, see our clinics and hear more about the model of care that we are building.

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