What’s changed:

  1. For the first time, a limit on the amount of red meat Australians should consume – no more than three lean meals (totalling 350 grams) of unprocessed beef, pork, lamb or veal a week
  2. Limit intake of processed or deli meats
  3. No limit on eggs now (source of good quality protein and healthy fats) EXCEPT if you have heart disease or diabetes, in which case it is one egg a day
  4. Full-fat (but unflavoured) dairy is ok — unless you suffer high cholesterol or heart disease in which case need to moderate (and Butter, cream, ice-cream and dairy-based desserts remain sometimes foods)
  5. Eat more plant-based foods, including a variety of vegetables, fruits and wholegrains

Therefore the updated recommendations are:

  1. At least five serves of vegetables every day. A serve is half a cup of cooked vegetables or a cup of salad.
  2. At least two serves of fruit every day. A serve is one medium piece of fruit (e.g. an apple or banana) or two small pieces (e.g. apricots or kiwi fruits).
  3. Two serves of milk, yogurt, cheese (or alternatives) every day. A serve is one cup of milk or two slices of cheese.
  4. Five to six serves of grains — mostly wholegrain. A serve is one slice of wholemeal bread or half a cup of cooked rice.
  5. Two to three serves of lean meat, fish, eggs, tofu or legumes/beans. A serve is a can of tuna or two eggs.

Ensure half your plate is vegetables and fruit (not potatoes) and take it easy on saturated fat, added salt and sugars (35% of Australian’s energy intake comes from highly processed foods which is low in nutrition).


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