Clinical care contributes to 20% of a person’s health and 80% derives from health behaviours, environment and socio-economic factors. A recent global survey by Pricewaterhousecoopers highlighted barriers to adopting a healthy lifestyle, including

  • 35% saying they don’t get enough sleep
  • 26% saying excessive screen time
  • 22% saying lack of motivation
  • 20% saying no time to get healthy
  • 20% saying can’t afford it (gym, healthy food)
  • 19% saying mental health holds them back

We all need to be well rested, positive and active in our day to day lives. Whilst easy to say, it can be hard to initiate or maintain. Some tips that Osana members have used include:

  • Set a forward plan with health goals – what you want to achieve in a year or two’s time
  • Try new activities that help with a more active lifestyle, including yoga, pilate, tai chi, strength and balance and aerobic fitness
  • Use meditation, mindfulness and relaxation therapy to unwind from the pressures of the day and be still
  • Work with dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologist, health coaches and health assistants to make lifestyle changes
  • Screen for any illnesses or risk factors that may be impacting sleep, energy, digestion or mental health
  • Help other members in their health journey, including regular group activities to support each other

Half of the participants in the PWC survey said they had expressed a desire to be healthier, but often don’t the support they need. Many of these interventions are simple and don’t require significant time or money. Come into Osana for a review of your health determinants, and bring your friends and family – can you afford not to look after yourself and loved ones?